Marcade Building Services Ltd are at the forefront of electrical installations in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors; incorporating the latest green technology in both traditional and modular buildings.

In the UK businesses are under increasing pressure to minimise their impact upon the environment in order to help the government achieve their carbon emission and renewable energy targets. In certain industries, failure to comply with energy efficient measures can result in financial penalties.

Our expertise and knowledge gained over many years means that we can provide the right solution, along with a structured approach, to implement energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption such as:

  • Vehicle Charging Units – The electric vehicle revolution has meant that demand is increasing for vehicle charging units at home, kerbside and commercial premises.
  • LEDs – Light Emitting Diodes are one technology that represents an immediate and potentially significant opportunity to reduce energy bills and improve carbon credentials.
  • Intelligent lighting and environment control systems – When LED lighting is combined with smart controls, this can also reduce energy use whilst providing a high-quality light experience.
  • Photovoltaic Cells – The installation of a solar panel system improves the green credentials of any organisation, making a solid investment in terms of finance and reputation.

The implementation of these lower carbon products will enhance your reputation amongst your clients and the community at large.
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